Appreciation Post: Writers’ Secrets Freelances Award

It may not splendour, but sure it sincerely comes from our heart. It might be simple, but we sure will make this little surprise memorable. Five special categories are being prepared as an appreciation for our beloved freelancers who are diligently participating in our event.

  1. Q’s favourite
    • If you think nobody read your story, then you are most definitely incorrect, Darling. Because the beloved Q is stepping up the game to read each of your stories personally, and ready to give you her judgement.
  1. Reviewers’ favourite
    • No writing posted here without being reviewed first by our reviewers. So, how far you can impress them? That’s the question.
  1. Best plot
    • Good story comes from good plot, and no further explanation is needed.
  1. Best moral value
    • But … can we learn something good from your tale?
  1. Best prompt interpretation
    • We give you one, two words, you give us 500 words and more in return … with different meanings and interpretations. It’s good, by the way.

So, are you the one who will hold this prestigious title? On Writers’ Secrets, June 30, 2016.




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