by slmnabil


People have their own business, don’t they? Seriously! They’d better put those high heels on instead of spreading rumors about me.

She was a fatty.

She was the ugliest.

She was an outcast.

She used to eat her lunch beside the garbages.

She was a clown at everyone’s birthday party.

She was someone that people laughing at.

Blah. Blah.

But, there’re reasons why they used ‘was’ instead of ‘is.’ Because, now ….

She is beautiful.

She is the most popular girl at school.

She sits everywhere she wants at the cafeteria.

She stands under the spotlight.

She is someone that people probably adore.

And there’s exactly when my life turned into a giant mess. Last time I heard rumor about myself, they said I got a nose surgery.

“She paid billions for that, you know?”

Fortunately, I was there when Vaness said that. So it’s the perfect time to make everything right, I guess.


“Lilou,” she said.

“About that nose surgery, it’s not true. I didn’t pay for billions, I got a discount.”

Well, I make it worse than before, didn’t I?


  • Correct me if I’m wrong huhu

3 thoughts on “All-mouth

  1. kimminjung00 says:

    HAZEEEKKK TENDANG TERUS MBAK LILOU~ ga kebayang aku gimana malunya mbak vaness ketauan ngomongin gitu wakakaka
    Tapi mbak lilou tabah banget ya~ emang pasti tanpa sepengetahuan kita banyak sih yang ngomongin di belakang, tapi buat sampe ketauan banget gitu … hahaha mungkin aku meledak kali ya? XD
    Keep nulis kak nabil♥


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