Sweets All the Way

Based on October Prompt #4 Candy Wrapper

© Catstelltales 2016/2017

Featured image is taken from: Unsplash (photo by Daria Nepriakhina)

Welcome to Wrap Your Candy—we are one of the best candy shop in town you can reach in a very friendly price. Get some hard candies, licorice, bubble gum, chewing gum, chewing chocolate, taffy, peanuts, and many more. Remember to fill your little tiny pocket (no pocket will be enough!) with sweets, because sweets heal the days!

This is ridiculous.

Pippa Dime has never thought to invite anybody to her house. She isn’t deprived of having people as friends, and vice versa. Whatever Pippa does usually doesn’t involve human being. She goes to school by bike, does schoolwork and homework alone, has her lunch in a single table on cafetaria, and gets along with any tasks so well without favor. Perhaps if it is possible, she can teach herself in class instead of sitting in a boredom and watching Mr Lewis combining number and letter.

However, everything happens when you are sixteen or such. Allie Dime—Pippa’s mother—thinks her daughter would be a major of crazy town if she still has no friend until this age. So based on her very own thought and conclusion, Allie invites some girls into their house and prepares a little slumber party like she used to throw back when she was a teenager. The invitation includes free dinner and breakfast, free room, and free sweets. Pippa loves sweets. But when she says she does, it means sweets without some strangers to share with.

Connie, Devon, and Savannah knock on Dime’s door at 6 pm. They scream ‘Surprise!’ when Pippa opens it, as if they are such expected surprise ever. Pippa raises her eyebrows and let them in while thinking about having a deep talk with her mother about the fact that she has crossed the line by doing this.

Connie reads a to-do list that they will have until midnight, and they start with braiding each other hair and talking shitty things about shitty lifestyle. Pippa is following pretty well so far, but she totally doesn’t enjoy it.

They continue with telling each other’s secrets, which is more odd, because none of those secrets are true. Savannah obviously makes it up when she says she once skipped class to smoke. Truth not be told, she didn’t because somebody would catch her and the news would spread. Doh.

Pippa is sure that another slumber parties are actually the real fun, it’s just her sudden friends who bring it wrong.

After fake secrets time, Devon lead them into the third plan on the list: calling guys. The clock on the wall has ticked million times but not for useless stuff like this. Pippa already feels sleepy and the braid Connie made hurts her head. But girls seem to be so ready to do this since they were born—Devon even had prepared a namelist of guys whom they will call tonight. It is technically picking up the phone, dialing a set of phone number, and if the interlocutor is the guy himself, they must say another confession, yeah seriously, another confession and Pippa has no idea what kind of confession they should probably tell: the truth or the fake one.

Devon starts with a number of Kieran Malkist. His dad picks up the phone. Feeling disappointed, Devon put the phone back. That’s what they do when other people pick it up instead.

Both Connie and Savannah have to accept the same disappointment because there are not Derek Vega and Fox Miller who pick up the phone themselves. Then it comes to Pippa’s turn.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea, because … look at the the three guys before! Who is still awaken at almost midnight?” Pippa tries so hard to give an excuse without sounding like she’s so annoyed by these girls.

“Miracles happen, Pippa!” Devon cheers with a big annoying smile.

Exhales heavily, Pippa picks up the phone and dials the number of Michael Banks, their classmate who also is the only son of Thomas Banks, the owner of Wrap Your Candy. Pippa feels a mini heart attack when somebody picks it up—maybe mini heart attack is the sensation these girls like to feel about this challenge.

“Sweet as your best, welcome to Wrap Your Candy!” A guy says a promotion line then adds, “but we are closed, so you’d better call us again tomorrow—“

“If you are closed then who is this?” Pippa has just realized how bizarre she sounded like after she said that. She should put the phone back and do not talk to everyone who is not on the list. But Pippa somehow feels curious and curiousity doesn’t always kill the cat, does it?

“This is Austin Parker, the employee of Wrap—“


“Who is this?”

Ignoring three pairs of eyes who are starring at her intensively, Pippa holds her breath and keep waiting another words come across the landline.

Besides, that is Austin Parker. Pippa won’t admit that she has a crush on Austin Parker, but he is such an adorable person alive: he never bothers Pippa’s ignorance, he takes Pippa’s fallen eraser and gives it to her gently then goes away as if he knows really that Pippa doesn’t like to get disturbed. He looks so cool and ignorant, but very helpful. He is sweet at his best.

“You works in WYC?”

“Yes, and whoever it is, I am so busy right now.”

“What are you doing?”

The voice across the landline exhales, sounds audibly desperate—or frustrated. “I’m designing a new year wrapper for WYC original product. This is the second cup of Nestle hot chocolate and I still am stuck out from ideas.”

Pippa would never think that this chance is finally coming. She secretly always wants to have a little chit-chat with Austin Parker but doesn’t know how to start.

“New year line, huh?” Pippa pushes her mind to think faster. “How about: ‘May Your Whole Year Be Sweeter Than This Sweets’?”

No response at first, so Pippa bites her lower lips and feels so stupid. “Way too long, I know.”

“But it’s cool.”

“It is?”

“Yeah,” says Austin. “It is too long so I could put that into our bubble gum wrapper. Any other idea? Shorter, this time?”

Pippa closes her eyes, wishes an idea or two pop out of her head.

“How about … ‘Gotcha, New Year?’”

Austin chuckles and the sound of his laugh really tickles Pippa’s ears. “It’s cute! I’ll take it if you don’t mind?”

“No! Not at all! Please!”

Austin laughs again and then there is a silence in the air. But not for too long, because Austin then utters a very sweet thankyou. “You know what, this is such a relief,” he says. “If only I know the name of the helper fairy who is talking to me right now.”

Now Pippa really get a mini heart attack. It is now beating like a drum and pounding off her chest for Austin’s voice spoils her ears like a hummingbird singing ‘The helper fairy, the helper fairy’ so many times repeated.

“You wouldn’t know me … I am … unpopular.”

“So am I. What do you think I am? A president?”

Pippa laughs, feeling awkward and happy at the same time. She takes a deep breath.

“It’s Pippa. Pippa Dime.”

“Pippa Dime? Are we in the same Chemistry class? Whoa, I thought you would never talk to me.”

“Er … sorry?” Pippa apologizes but not too sure why she is supposed to.

“Glad to eventually talk you, Pippa.”

They end up the conversation and Pippa heavily breathes before she takes a look at her three stangers slash slumber party sudden friends.

“Well that was the longest slumber party talk-on-the-phone-with-boys I’ve ever heard!” Devon claps in awe.

“You were talking, Pippa Dime!” exclaims Savannah.

“And you’re great!” Connie adds a compliment. They are seeing each other. Pippa still dislikes those girls, but not very much at this time. In fact, the girl then suddenly hugs Devon, Connie, and Savannah one by one and say thank you. Because if these girls were not making these stupid list, she would never ever talk to Austin Parker by herself.

Wait, there is her mom, too. She should buy her a thankful cheesecake for doing this. Austin’s last words tonight sounds like forever stuck in her head.

“I hope you don’t mind if I sit next to you tomorrow.”




10 thoughts on “Sweets All the Way

  1. titayuu says:

    Aawww awww kakeciiii ini manis sekaleeeee!!
    Beneran manis kaya judulnya huhuhu! Dari awal kumerasa kaya lagi ngikutin serial anak2 sana, dan endingnya dooong!! I feel you, pippa, i feel you! I was an antisocial back at school, but i tried to beat my comfort zone too. ((Peluk))

    Kutaktau mau ngomong apa lagi, yang jelas kayanya aku udah kena banjir kemanisan(?) Sebelum tidur. Thank you kakeci ♥♥♥


    • catstelltales says:

      halo, tita! iya nih si pippa kayaknya emang butuh squad yang bisa menyeret dia keluar dari zona nyaman hehe. makasih tita sudah mampir 💕


  2. futureasy says:


    awwwww lengkap banget sama kalimat iklan tokonya di awal telepon dan awal tulisan, ini manis banget!!! suka semuanya, namanya, karakternya, ending line-nya, dan pastinya keberanian kaeci untuk menulis fic-fic berbahasa Inggris. Yahut banget lah ini kaeci! Cocok jadi fic pembuka pagiku hahaha (kayaknya ntar malem juga mau baca ulang kalo hp mama bisa dipinjem lagi) 😁


    • catstelltales says:

      i wont mind too austin okay dhiloo take your queue number. aku masih meraba-raba dhil nulis pake english hehehe semoga bisa disukai.
      oiya dhiloo, apakah bisa online line via pc/laptop?
      btw thankyou sudah mampir ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cake Alleb says:

    Setelah menikmati yang manis-manis di awal terus ikutan mini heart attack sama Pippa waktu seorang dia yang kelewat introvert giliran slumber party talk on the phone with guys, terus endingnyaaa huhuhuhu jadi nggak sabar sama besoknya pasti awkward lucu mereka duduk sebelahan berdua apalagi Pippa :””)

    Manis sekali kak eci dan Pippa sama Austin literally membuatku gemas (sampe berasa pingin sekuelnya, tapi takut ngga tau diri qwqwqw) :”) terima kasih sudah membuat inii!


    • catstelltales says:

      Halo bella, wahaha makasih lho sudah mampir kemari! Emang sebenarnya sih ga ada rencana sekuel, tapi aku suka nama Austin sih (hahaha) jadi mungkin Austin akan nongol di karya selanjutnya hoho thankyou bella sudah mampir ^^


  4. Io says:


    ahem. seriously tho, this is so askajhsdkagsdhjsag i am soooo weak against floffy fluff like diz heu. and pippa and austin’s interaction!! such a sweet coincidence! loved it!! 😀

    gonna stop now otherwise i’ll keep gushing. keep writing, kaeci!


    • catstelltales says:

      ENGLISH FIC AKU DIBACA TITAN OMONAAAA diri ini sangat berbangga hati yeokshi makasih titan uww dapet salam dari austin 💕


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