Mel·lif·lu·ous © Fantasy Giver

Can I hold you close?

It is the delicate poise of August evening; when golden ray of the sunset crippling through the balcony, tiptoeing on the counter at en pointe, making freshly bought pears in the basket looked somehow more luscious.

It is finally fine and quiet.

She always likes his friends—their laugh leaves a delightful feeling of crackling fireplace while their existence makes this place full of hope that’s parading in the air. They are paths of daisies in the beginning of springtime and she never gets tired as they own this peculiar palette and a plenty dose of fun and happiness.

She likes them, it’s true, but she can’t just crumple her honesty under her breath: that sometimes, she hopes they don’t come too often. Because she loves times like this. When she could finally bore her gaze into his boyfriend’s with this pebbly feeling of completely in love. His looks makes her giddy as he scoots closer and grazes his constellation of attention right to her heart.

It’s everything that makes him Kim Seokjin: every smile he curved, those cherry-kissed lips as genuine and beautiful as he is. Or maybe those times they shared under the duvet, feeling the crispiness of early morning fog behind the frosty window. Or sprinkle of chocolate powder she inhales when they decided to bake some cakes.

She wanted him for herself.

So she skips; skirt flaring and falling slowly when she lands gracefully in front of his towering figure. He looks down, eyes glimmering with stars and she takes his hand to move to the spacious living room he owned. Their steps are light; feathery moves are made when finally she stops just to give him one soft kiss on his pale hands.

“Joetta?” And God, the way he calls her name sounds like an angel—dainty and comely. She gets those popsicles she enjoys in the middle of a sunny day whenever he speaks and that feels amazingly nice. It’s wild and refreshing, yet still innocent. It’s him and it’s perfect. “What are you trying to do?”

“Dance,” she simply answers, complete with her gummy smile and puppy eyes. “Let’s dance, Seokjin.”

He lets go her favorite kind of laugh. It’s not raspy like Namjoon and Yoongi’s or as high spirited as Hoseok and Jimin’s. It’s high pitched, a bit annoying kind of laugh. His friends frequently mock him, but she associates it with half-cooked strawberry panna cotta coated with brown scorched sugar—slimy, but sweet.

“You know I hate dancing.”

But does she care anything to be in his embrace?

She pirouettes when he holds her waist, snickering at how vulnerable he is to her wishes. His rosebud fingertips remove strands of her hair that escape from her braid. She presses his broad shoulders, touches his sculptured jaw and caresses his sun-burnt cheeks. He smiles again; eyes meeting for one more time before they close.

And those kisses melt her entirely.

Those are honey drop pecks and a tummy full of fluttery butterfly. He knows at most that his woody smell, snowy lips and minty breath could do magic to her. And he loves her too. He really does. So, those kisses, as breathtaking as it felt, are always lovely and comforting. It’s made especially as a sanctuary of her own, to shelter her when the world is being despicable.

They stay for the longest time; both spinning and clinging; entangles themselves in the moment. Her whisper about their days and nights sinking in his mind, while his velvety hum splits the silence of the summer air. Just like that, the sun finally sets.

No one cares about turning on the light because they have found it in each other’s eyes.



  • please correct me if i’m wrong.
  • sponsored by all about us – he is we, everything has change – ts, and thinking out loud – ed sheeran. oh and jakarta’s hot weather.
  • thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Mel·lif·lu·ous”

  1. APA-APAAN KAMU TIDAK BERTANGGUNG JAWAB DENGAN MEMBUAT AKU JADI KAYAK JELI VIN ((bahkan kayaknya udah ga berbentuk lagi, idk)) APA APAAN APA APAAN BHDBCBBJ JWHXBXHB JHBUHBDX HBHDBCUBNS CNBHWBHDBXXJ aku gabisa mikir proper buat komen nih let me take another breath. veli butuh pegangan help.

    DEMI APA it’s not even our first language tapi kamu bisa menulis pake inggris dengan cantik??? like??? aku butuh berguru nih kayaknya bikos kalimat aku dalam inggris cenderung so simple dan langsung to the point aja kayak apaan wae. but kamu nulisnya dengan smoothh berasa aku lagi ngebaca tulisan kamu dgn bahasa:( aku bisa ngerasain tender-nya suasana tulisan ini dan itulah yg bikin tulisan ini punya power dgn caranya sendiri huhuhuhuhu

    maaaf komenku sepertinya banyak ramblingnya, but believe me aku suka banget vinn! kamu tetep semangat yaa nulisnyaa!<3



      tau ga sih aku sebenernya awalnya pundung mau nge-post ini bcs aku merasa apalah inggrisku dibanding inggris enjun, but syukurlah kalau bisa dinikmati aku bahagia sekaliii. makasih banyak, veeel :”)) no no no, aku yakin tulisan kamu juga ga kalah baguuuus, vel. dan karena besok aku ga ada kelas, sepertinya habis ini aku bakal mampir ke blogmu ditunggu yah! HEHE.

      no need to sorry because your review made my dayS! thank you, thank you, thank you! kamu juga semangat teruuuuus! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I can’t stop smiling while reading this. I own the ‘tummy full of fluttery butterfly’… Seokjin did this to me, nahh you’re the one did this to me. Too sweet, too angelic, too pure… I can’t :”



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