Alternative Boyfriend Uses

Written by qL^^.


“Jo, I bought a new jam variant.”

“Did you?”

“Uh-huh. It’s ovomaltine. Tadaa!”

Alicia proudly presented the brand new jar of ovomaltine jam. She excitedly prepared their breakfast: toast, coffee and jam.

“The salesman said it tastes very yummy,” she said happily, still holding the jar.

Jonathan raised his eyebrows when Alicia literally did nothing, except looking expectantly at him and wriggling her eyebrows—hoping he caught her silent message.

“Oh, alright, alright.” Jo opened the jar’s cap and gave it back to her. “Happy now?”

“I love you,” she said sheepishly.


Today, rain was pouring a lot. An exceptional day in summer. You can’t really guess what will happen with the weather. Jonathan was in middle of rummaging his wardrobe when suddenly he saw Alicia entered his bedroom. She looked very comfortable with an oversize grey hoodie.

Hang on!

That hoodie she wore was scarily familiar ….

“Is that mi—”



Alicia already stood on her tiptoes, but those ramen packs still out of reach. She was too lazy to bring a chair to make her taller.

“Damn, this short height is no use,” she swore loudly.

Suddenly a hand reached those packs.

“You always can use me,” Jo winked.


“Yes! Yes! Good job, Jo! Don’t lost him! No, no! To your left! Yes, that’s it! Catch him! OMG! I always know you can do it!”

Jo rolled his eyes. Everyone who heard Alicia’s cheering could have thought he was in the middle of fight with someone who was muscular. But the fact is ….

“Is he dead?” Alicia asked, a little bit afraid.

“Not yet, Al.” Jonathan answered with a dead serious tone. He purposely aimed his hand to her. “Here he goes.”

“Kyaaaaaaa!” Alicia run with speed of light.

Jonathan couldn’t contain his laugh.

It was just a bug.


“Are you reading?”

Alicia knew he was. Heck, he even held a book in his lap. She sat beside him and shifted closer until she almost like hugging him.

Jonathan snorted. “Just hug me, will you?”

“Can I?”

He just nodded nonchalantly.

And she was more than happy to comply.

“Aaah, it’s warm.”

She wasn’t the only one who feel warm. He silently smiled to himself.


An. Pict ©Sarah Andersen
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12 thoughts on “Alternative Boyfriend Uses

  1. shiana says:

    Anyway ini cute sekali. Gemaaas. Thank you for writing this, it perfected my morning!!!!!! 😘❣❣


  2. S. Sher says:

    KAK KIKI!!! THIS IS SOOOO REFRESHING, LOVE IT ❤ dan setuju banget baju anget cowok too so comfy, karena anget, kebesaran (and it looks cute HAHAHA)

    Nice piece kak! 👏👏👏


  3. reenepott says:

    mau punya pacar huhu 😦 udah lama ga keliling-keliling kupikir aku bisa nangkring di kediamanmu tapi ternyata gabisa dibuka :/ yasuda ku melanglang buana kesini dan untungnya nemu mwahahahahahha
    udah lama banget gak baca yang fluffy fluffy begini. Makasih udah nulis dan maap kalo aku nemunya setelah sekian tahun lamanya~
    terus tulis yang beginian ya Kiiii~~~ #digebuk


    • qL^^ says:

      Hahaha halo Reen 🙂 lama ga keliatan di wordpress kayaknya. Iya kediamanku sudah dinonaktifkan tapi belum dihapus soalnya banyak draft di sana :’) jadi kalau mau nyari main ke sini aja yaa hehe.

      Yah kan kamu tahu sendiri Reen aku nulisnya mah jarang yang ada fluffynya. Nanti diusahakan nulis lagi hehe. Makasih sudah baca dan komen ya Reen 🙂


    • qL^^ says:

      hi velly. thanks for your encouragement. I honestly still learning to write fiction in english. please drop by again soon 🙂


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