[Special Event: Best of Us] Magic Works

by futureasy

in which Liall wants to give Posy a surprise. Probably more than just that.


Prompt #12 Ride What?


O, don’t let this magic die

The answer’s there

Just look in her eyes



There is a string of curses escaping Paulette’s lips in response to a series of knocking on her windows. She has to say that it’s not an easy task to keep her sanity lately, for his dumbass of a bestfriend tend to “bend”  the rules of her personal space and a long good rest, decided it’s best to land right in front of her windows and knock the life out of it. O, she loves the old wooden frame and how strong it still manages to bring a sense of safety for her. Well, if a safety for your own bestfriend existed at all.

“Posy, come on!” said the boy, lips barely suppressing a grin.

Lyall Thompson might be your typical, full of mischief neighbour, with a messy chestnut hair sticking on his head, a lame grin playing on his lips almost everytime, yet the softest of eyes whenever Paulette find him late at night, staring straight to the horizon—basking on the moonlight. She chokes a grunt of disagreement to him, eventhough her hand scrambles upon her jumper and glasses. The boy patiently sits on her railings, humming an unrythmic melodies to fill the silences.

“What makes you think I’d chose you over a good sleep, anyway?” she tries.

“Err—let me guest, it’s 11 A.M and you don’t have much work to do.”

There is a moment of silence before Lyall adds, “Besides, you love me too much you won’t have the heart to reject me, Pose.”

Scoffing, Paulette take several steps to him, heart thumping rather unsteadily. She managed to mumble out a “ever the know-it-all, huh,” eventhough she knows that might be right. She wished she could wipe that knowing grin off his face.

“Come on. We don’t have much time for sleepyhead.”

The following isn’t quite clear, with the boy taking her left hand to his right, lip brushing against her ear—too close for her comfort—as he says, “You might want to hold my hand tightly, we’re gonna ride the air together!”

There’s a slightest gush of winds when the words hit her rather hard.

“Ride what?!”




Paulette Rose “Posy” Williams wasn’t exactly sure what had happened. She felt Lyall’s arm twist away from her, quickly re-doubled her grip on him. Everything went black, there were pressure from all directions and she couldn’t breathe. The next thing she knew, Lyall taking her face in his palms. She thought there’s someone weeping on the distance, before she realized it was her.

“Breathe, Pose. Come on. You can handle it.”

In normal situation, Posy would have whacked his head. She finds it very strange as all she could do is staring at the boy’s almond eyes, breathing more evenly from seconds ago. She then see Lyall’s smiling at her, muttering a quick “You got me there, Pose.”

The boy’s orbs are still on her while Posy took the chance to look at their surroundings. She let out a gasps, staring wide eyes at what lays beyond her views.

“Lyall—but, how—is this, are we?”

“Yes, Pose. Welcome to the Pinnacles[1].”

Paulette doesn’t want to know exactly how Lyall had managed to brought the both of them traveling from England to Australia within a breath, or why she couldn’t see their surroundings quite clearly, not when the skies left her in awe. There, right above their heads, are the sight of million stars. Lyall scoot closer to her then, “I know you love stargazing.”

The problem is Posy never believe in fiction and magic. She is pretty sure this isn’t dream, although there is something within her logic that screams ‘Wake up!’. The boy in front of her must know that too, for he takes her face in his hand for the second time that day. There is a slight twinkle on his eyes, probably the reflection of the skies or something, Paulette has no idea. She feels somehow reassured, thanks to Lyall’s soft breathing against her face.

“This is real, Pose.”

She could hear the sound of thumping heart against her ribcage, could feels Lyall’s tingling touch on her face, but failed to think properly. The boy in her sight let out a chuckle. He is humming a familiar tune then, hands proceeding to hold her waist. She wants to tell him that all of this doesn’t make sense and that they are too awkward for this kind of closeness. She fails miserably, for the truth is far from that.

“Come on, Pose. Let the magic works.” he whispers.

They are dancing then, a slow moves through the gust of wind. With Lyall’s orbs on her all the time, her heart won’t stop racing, Paulette rest her head on his chest. She could feels their dynamic shifting as slowly as their moves, but all she could think is, “I don’t want the magic dies, either.”

Paulette has no idea how the boy in her arms had wait for this moment ever since the so-called Yule Ball. She probably didn’t know that magic exist at all. She doesn’t care, anyway. Later, when they are both snuggling close in her bed, does Paulette hear Lyall muttering something along, “—should thank Weird Sister for this.”

That’s not explaining anything at all. If only she knows.




  • special thanks to our margot unnie kakfika for posting this on behalf of me luvluv
  • Okay, this is a Harry Potter!AU no one asked for. Blame me for misspelling and grammatical error
  • this is a total bs, i kno i kno
  • Sangat disarankan mendengarkan Magic Works-nya Weird Sister karena bikos
  • So happy to produce something again! It’s been a long long time.
  • Forgive the cheap romance.
  • some of you might (or might not) questioning why did I include the prompt. it’s bcs the prompt is interesting and yes, i don’t have the heart to delete that part. and also secretly promoting my other works under the same prompt-list! hehe hope you like it

[1] The Pinnacles is a desert landscape located in Western Australia, from which you can do stargazing.

6 thoughts on “[Special Event: Best of Us] Magic Works

  1. titayuu says:

    Dhiluuuu udah lama banget aku gak baca cerita gemes ala remaja saling jatuh cinta begini ❤️ beneran deh aku gak tau kata apa lagi selain cute, unyu, gemes, sweet buat ngegambarin fic ini. Lyall boleh kubawa pulang gak? Hahaha
    Anw kusukaaa kusukaa! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantasy Giver says:


    i saw your tweet terus OIYA aku belom komen kemaren ga sempet. so here i am. maafkan aku twinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeee </3 btw aku baca sambil dengerin weird sister loh. luv luv lagunya dari hp4! dan aku baru tau judulnya masa. full version-nya indie-indie acoustic gimana gitu ya ehe ehe. dia kalo ada di dunia muggle udah jadi saingannya payung teduh kali ((eh, beda indie)) ((ga)) ((lebih ke saingannya bright eyes))

    anyway this is so cuteeeee. jadi si lyall udah bisa apparate ya ehe ehe ehe mau dong diajak jalan-jalan. aku tuh baca yang “You might want to hold my hand tightly, we’re gonna ride the air together!” sama "stargazing" langsung kepalaku tuh langsung ke a whole new world….. 😦 tapi pake sapu (kukira awalnya). eh ternyata apparate. tetep bisalah ya nyany meski beda konteks ehe ehe maksa getok aja evinnya. dan aku suka namanya dooong. paulette tapi disingkat pose. cantik dan unik gitu. lyall-nya juga ngesel-ngeselin adorkable. dua2nya pengen aku bungkus pake karet 2, disobek bungkusnya. uuuuuuu ❤ ❤

    btw dhil masa gaya bahasa kamu kayak mr. dashner if i notice deh? apa aku aja? hehehehe. tapi aku udah lama ga baca bukunya mr. dashner kan, nah pas kubaca cerita ini langsung keinget beliau huehue.

    that's it. semoga membayar kekecewaan kamu terhadap spammer barusan. have a nice night and keep writing, my precious! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • futureasy says:

      (menutup muka menahan malu)

      Hai, Ev!
      Noprob sis aku pun sibuk sama yang lain hahaha semalem cuma desperate attempt doang selagi bosan dan kesepian ❤ thanks for acknowledging my tweet AND being here ❤❤❤❤❤ that means a lot


    • futureasy says:

      (menutup muka menahan malu)

      Hai, Ev!
      Noprob sis aku pun sibuk sama yang lain hahaha semalem cuma desperate attempt doang selagi bosan dan kesepian ❤ thanks for acknowledging my tweet AND being here ❤❤❤❤❤ that means a lot


  3. Velly says:

    the thing is, it has always been a challenging task for me to write a drabble but contains one hell of emotions, but you did so well and almost make it seems so easy. this is such a cute love story and that little spin of fantasy makes this story even greater, much more sweeter and feels hella magical. you did such a great job and those descriptions though…

    what a lovely work!

    Liked by 1 person

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