Steal Me Away


written by qL^^

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone (Taylor Swift – Love Story).

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[Special Event: Best of Us] The Best Bad Guy



“All the good ones go for jerks,

you know that.”

—Dead Poets Society (1989)


[warning: slightly mature content might not be suitable for the underages]

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Sweets All the Way

Based on October Prompt #4 Candy Wrapper

© Catstelltales 2016/2017

Featured image is taken from: Unsplash (photo by Daria Nepriakhina)

Welcome to Wrap Your Candy—we are one of the best candy shop in town you can reach in a very friendly price. Get some hard candies, licorice, bubble gum, chewing gum, chewing chocolate, taffy, peanuts, and many more. Remember to fill your little tiny pocket (no pocket will be enough!) with sweets, because sweets heal the days!

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No Matter How Far Pigeons Fly

© Catstelltales, 2017

Picture credit: Unsplash (Photo by Luis Llerena)

When I get the door this morning and find out who is at the other side, it all becomes to make sense. ‘It’ refers to the upcoming family dinner, for I should get dressed properly and do my hair—Archie is getting married. My brother have dated innumerable girls all over the United States since ages, yet I have never thought that he would marry one of them. That’s just unusual—odd, out of his inner circle custom, out of the blue, you name it. I think I am never getting used to it.

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