Hula, amazing people.

Welcome to the page and here you’ll read the most inelegant introduction of the owner.

Her name is Shia. Born in 2000, January. Half-perfectionist, half-procrastinator. Likes to write to keep her sane but often thinks too much so she forgets to pour the words. Sometimes she tends to be either affable or quiet at first, but as you get to know her better and deeper, the real problem of her is being timid.

She doesn’t really have favorite writers, but enjoys reading those works of Rick Riordan, Michelle Moran, and so on. Feel free to give references because I think she’s desperately in need. She likes to listen to Spotify with shuffle mode on so she can find a bunch of new, nice songs.

—pst, in case you’re wondering, favorite person: Kim Taehyung. Hehehe.

Apart from WS, find her on : Soaring Free

Thank you ❤

[shiana archive]


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